It wouldn’t be an event without challenges. With this event, the real challenge was the install time available for such a large project. We had the perfect solution but only 12 hours to get everything installed . This saw us put together a 40 strong team of event professionals to bring the room to life. You will see from the solution provided below the extent of what was created in order to produce a stunning event for our client.


Our client wanted to feel at home….no problem!!

The first step was a new carpet in our clients preferred colour in the pre-event foyer area. Next was how we utilised the existing columns.. we ‘wrapped’ these with event specific vinyl graphics, so key event messaging was visible to all prior to entering the main plenary room. We then dressed all four walls with floor to ceiling white drapes which we lit to add mood and finished the solution with numerous company branded gobo’s moving around the room.

With the pre event foyer area taken care of it was then a case of showcasing in the main plenary room, an impressive and impactful 30 meter wide 4 screen projection solution was utilised in this area to ensure all delegates could clearly see all the displayed content with an any source to any screen capability allowing us ultimate flexibility to display the required level of content.

We managed all technical production and scenic elements on this project to include, live camera’s, audience engagement systems, sound, lighting, projection, video as well as the technical personnel to run each individual element.