We managed two key challenges within this project, one was the display of high resolution software and graphics in large format display combined with the ability to have multiple content windows displayed simultaneously. The second was getting a 9m ultra-widescreen display into a venue with limited space and no rigging points.


From a visual perspective we implemented a stage set to incorporate a large 9m centrally positioned projection screen. Due to space we opted for a three projector rear projection blended solution which allowed us the space needed for projection and video processing whilst leaving plenty of space for the required delegate levels. Two further screens were positioned either side of the main screen for digital signage and further content display. We created pre event customised content to fill the screen and utilised PIP video processing technology to allow multiple content windows to be displayed simultaneously allowing delegates to get a true feel for what the software could do.

We combined the above video solution with all of the other technical requirements needed to make this event a success as well as providing all the equipment and staff for multiple breakout rooms and an evening dinner.